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There is a lot of information available for spouses of retirees. Unfortunately much of this information is of most use prior to the death of the officer. If you don't open any of the sites below, please make sure you have a copy of your spouses DD-214 that was issued at retirement.

Listed below, you will find several links to MOAA that you can call up to become better informed about various survivor issues. Click on each name to visit that website.

Surviving Spouse Information

The above MOAA web-site is for surviving spouses of military veterans.

Veterans Affairs Survivor Benefits

The above VA web-site is for surviving spouses and military dependents of veterans on active duty, and surviving spouses of veterans who die after serving their country.

MOAA Support Information

Under the above listed link (MOAA Support Information) you will find most anything you may need pertaining to retirement, active duty and others. When the screen first pops up you can click on any tab on the top to find all types of information. Under the Publications tab you will find many publications that may be of interest. You can also click on the items in the BLUE for your applicable status such as Fully Retired, Active Duty, Spouses, Surviving Spouses survivors or another category. From there you can click on any highlighted item for more information. You can also use the Search box to the right to locate items.
Please click on several items in the MOAA Support Information just to get an idea of all MOAA has to offer.

Arlington National Cemetery

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